Dispel Field

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Dispel Field
Ultima VII Part Two
Words of Power: AN GRAV
Reagents: BP, GA, SS, SA
Circle: 5th
Ultima VII
Words of Power: AN GRAV
Reagents: BP, GA, SS, SA
Circle: 5th
Ultima VI
Words of Power: AN GRAV
Reagents: BP, SA
Circle: 3rd
Ultima V
Name: Negate Energy
Words of Power: AN GRAV
Reagents: BP, SA
Circle: 4th
Ultima IV
Name: Dispel
Words of Power: field's color backwards
Reagents: BP, GA, SA
Mana: 20

Magic fields might be useful for some magic users, but for most of them they are very annoying, if not even downright dangerous. So if passage is needed through an area that is blocked by a magic field, regardless of its nature, then Dispel Field comes really in handy. Casting it will dissipate the field for the conjurer, freeing the way.

This spell is very useful in dungeons and caves, which are notorious for their magic fields. This spell works on Energy Fields, Fire Fields, Poison Fields and Sleep Fields.


Dispel Field
One of the staples of the wizard’s profession is the use of energy fields. We shall discuss the casting of such fields shortly, but first let us examine the means of dismantling them when they are encountered. Although there are various forms of such fields, they are all created with a similar magic and thus may be Dispelled with a single spell. The Dispel enchantment is one of moderate difficulty, far more exhausting than the creation of energy fields. Often touching the field may prove disastrous, so the enchantment must be cast from afar and thus required the use of the precious Black Pearl needed in all projectile spells. Furthermore, Sulphurous Ash is needed to provide the flash of power that beings the dissolution of the forces holding the field together. Finally, the warding powers of Garlic are also employed to prevent the forces from reassembling at the spot where they were previously concentrated. To effect the spell, speak backwards the color of the type of field encountered.
Adventuring parties are sometimes prevented from pursuing their objective by obstructing or noxious fields. An Grav removes the obstructing field by negating the field's energy. Ash countermines the field's energy; a black pearl thrusts the negating energy in the direction indicated by the spell caster. The obstructing field is instantly dispersed.
Neutralizes magic fields generated by field spells.
This spell can dispel any type of magical field, such as a Fire Field.


  • In Ultima VII Part Two, this spell is treated as a plot-related item, as only with it in the spellbook the plot can be advanced further. It is not even present in the game's documentation.

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