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Ultima VII Part Two
Words of Power: REL FRIO MANI
Reagents: GA, GS, WH
Circle: 3rd

While on numerous regions of the Serpent Isle the cold is a serious problem, in the caverns of Furnace, the exact opposite is the case. The boiling lava lake surrounding the old city makes it practically impossible for humans to survive in the extreme heat. However, there is a way to solve this problem.

The Chill spell cools down the caster and party to normal room temperature, regardless how hot the surroundings are. Note however that the spell does have a time limit. Also, it does not protect from the cold, only from extreme heat.


  • Getting it from Frigidazzi is only a bonus, as in Furnace there are many of these scrolls found.
  • This spell in not mentioned in the game's documentation.

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