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Ultima VII Part Two
Words of Power: AN GRAV EX
Reagents: BP, BM, MR, SS
Circle: 7th

The description of this spell is misleading, as it doesn't harm the target. Instead Vibrate causes all of the target's possessions to drop onto the ground, without the owner noticing, making them a prime target for being stolen by the caster. Needless to say that this spell's usage is highly illegal, but such things don't concern the mages of Moonshade in the slightest.

This spell is very similar to the spell Pickpocket.


This unusual spell surrounds a specified target with intense physical energy, as if a giant troll were grasping the target and shaking it to find loose gold. The effect not only damages its subject, but also loosens any hold on possessions.


  • Usage of this spell can break the game, as the Avatar can gain possession of plot related items that the hero should not get until later in the game.
  • Also, it makes mages drop their spells, which normally shouldn't show up.

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