Serpent Bond

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Serpent Bond
Ultima VII Part Two
Words of Power: KAL FRIO XEN EX
Reagents: BM, BP, GA, SS, WH, SC
Circle: 8th

Casting Serpent Bond causes the mage to temporarily polymorph into a snake, allowing passage through narrow spaces. Also, in a battle the mage can use its snake-form poisoned fangs as weapons. Additionally, a small snake is the perfect spy.

This spell's description is misleading, as no actual serpent is needed for it.


This spell permits the caster to exchange forms with a targeted snow serpent, thus allowing new ways of travel for the duration of the spell.


  • This spell can be used to break triggers in the game. Casting it before entering Gorlab Swamp brings the companions to the Dream Realm, so the player can take the items back to the real world. It also allows keeping Mortegro in the party.

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