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Ultima VII
Words of Power: KAL BET XEN
Reagents: BM, MR, NS
Circle: 3rd
Ultima VI
Name: Insect Swarm
Words of Power: KAL BET XEN
Reagents: BM, SS, SA
Circle: 5th
Ultima V
Name: Create Small Creature
Words of Power: IN BET XEN
Reagents: BM, SS, SA
Circle: 5th

Normally, insects are a nuisance, nothing more. However, they can come in quite handy if there is a need to really destroy a foe's concentration. Casting Swarm conjures a huge swarm of insects that at once attacks the caster's foes. While the insects obviously won't do much physical damage, they can totally distract the target until suddenly the caster lands the death blow.


This combat spell creates a powerful ally by calling up four swarms of small but deadly insects. All four swarms are generated in the same location. However, each can be commanded to move independently and on its own turn. Quartets of insect swarms generated by In Bet Xen have been known to surround and suffocate an enemy by their very number. The powder for In bet Xen consists of sulphurous ash to give life energy, blood moss to set them swarming, and spider silk to bind the swarm in obedience. For deadliest results, blend with stagnant water from the dankest swamp.
Conjures up a swarm of insects to aid you in combat.
This spell summons swarms of insects to attack the enemies of the mage from all directions.

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