Uus Por

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Uus Por
Upward Motion
Ultima V
Words of Power: UUS POR
Reagents: BM, SS
Circle: 4th
Ultima IV
Name: Y (Up)
Words of Power: the names of the moons
Reagents: BM, SS
Mana: 10

Sometimes it is really annoying for a party of adventurers to find their way through a labyrinth of a dungeon to find the ladder that leads up to the next higher level or the outside. However, this worry is past once they have a spellcaster in their midst with Uus Por (Upward Movement). Once known as Y (Up), it essentially is a weaker version of Xit and allows the party to float up through the ceiling to the next higher dungeon level.

The spell Des Por does exactly the opposite and enables a party to quickly move down a dungeon level.

In Sosarian Magic, equivalent spells existed: Sur Acron and Rec Su.


The two most elementary forms of teleportation both have strange names and may be used only when underground. The more difficult of the two is known by the letter "Y" in honor of the mage Yenthak Gnor, who first crafted the enchantment. Yenthak Gnor discovered that a blend of Blood Moss and Spider Silk in conjunction with the spoken names of the moons would cause one who utters it to be lifted upward through the very soil to the next highest level of a dungeon. The Spider Silk holds the party together during their transit, while the Blood Moss moves them ever closer to the moons.
Magic users often travel with courageous groups, and courageous groups often find themselves in danger. When problems occur within dungeons, it is sometimes helpful to use Des Por and its complement Uus Por for moving among floors. Only effective when going from empty corridor to empty corridor, Des Por transports an entire group to the exact same location one floor lower, Uus Por works in reverse and transports upward. Unfortunately, these spells take too long to intone during the heat of battle. Blood moss provides the motion the spider silk keeps the party together during the transport.

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