Sur Acron

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Sur Acron
Ultima III
Class: Arcane
Mana: 20
Command: E
Ultima II
Name: Ladder Up
Class: Both
Ultima I
Name: Ladder Up
Class: Both
Name: Ascend
Focus: Amulet

The arcane spell Sur Acron is very similar to its divine counterpart Rec Su. Casting it allows the mage to ascend one dungeon level without the need to find the ladder that leads closer to the surface. Repeated chants can quickly lead to the surface to be safe from the dangers below, while avoiding the dangers on the way. Dor Acron is the opposite of this spell.

Please note that this goes for dungeons only.

In Britannian Magic, the equivalent spell is Uus Por.


This rune is closely related to Dor Acron, direction being the only difference in effect. In this case the dried wing of a bird is needed. The bird must be shot through the breast with an arrow, whilst in flight.Thread the wing on a leather thong and tie it to the tip of thy staff.Once again, gather thy party into a ring and while holding the wing intone this verse of magical movement:


As the words are chanted thy party will be lifted through the floor above thee to the dungeon's next higher level.
Ladder Up teleports you straight up one level in a tower or dungeon.
This enchantment creates a magical ladder which permits the spellcaster to ascend to the next level of a dungeon.

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