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Ultima VI
Words of Power: AN YLEM
Reagents: BP, BM, GA
Circle: 2nd
Ultima V
Words of Power: AN YLEM
Reagents: BM, GA
Circle: 1st

The Vanish spell, at first sight, apparently destroys one object in the caster's possession. However, this is incorrect. Casting it on a selected, not too-complex item (namely nothing plot relevant) causes the item to only vanish into the Void, where it is safely stored. This way, the mage can carry around heavy objects without being concerned about the weight.

To get the object back, the Reappear spell has to be cast. However, before Ultima VI, the Reappear spell was not known; therefore, in Ultima V, the Vanish spell just vanished objects without allowing the caster to re-obtain them.


Makes simple objects disappear from this world.


  • Vanish is one of the few spells not listed in the official Ultima V game documentation. Temme provides the details ingame.

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