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Ultima VII Part Two
Words of Power: IN ZU
Reagents: BP, NS, SS
Circle: 3rd
Ultima VII
Words of Power: IN ZU
Reagents: BP, NS, SS
Circle: 3rd
Ultima VI
Words of Power: IN ZU
Reagents: BP, NS, SS
Circle: 2nd
Ultima V
Name: Create Sleep
Words of Power: IN ZU
Reagents: GS, NS, SS
Circle: 5th
Ultima IV
Words of Power: "duerme"
Reagents: GS, SS
Mana: 15

Whenever a caster requires a non-violent solution in order to avoid or quickly bring an end to a confrontation, this spell comes in most handy. Sleep causes the target, foe or not, to fall asleep on the spot, ending any kind of conflict in a peaceful manner.

Originally (before Ultima VI), this spell affected whole groups of foes, but was subsequently refined to only affect a single, selected foe. Mass Sleep can now be employed to affect whole groups of enemies.

Blue potions fulfill the same purpose as the spell.


There are moments in the lives of every practitioner of the mystic arts where discretion is truly the better part of valor. Not all foes are truly evil and deserving of annihilation - verily, some are but beasts of the field seeking provender, and are entitled to life as much as you or I. Yet, unchecked these creatures pose as great a threat to one as a score of rabid orcs. It is in such situations that the wise thaumaturge weaves a Sleep spell and leaves his opposition in deep slumber whilst vacating the current location. The Sleep spell is truly a serious enchantment that requires a fair amount of mental energy to cast, but it is not of such import as to leave the Spellcaster breathless or exhausted. To send your foes to a land of slumber, mix a double portion of Spider Silk with some Ginseng and chant “Duerme” as you sprinkle the reagents into the air. Fear not the distance between you and the intended victims, for the binding power of the Spider Silk will enfold them from afar, while the healing Ginseng will gently wrap them in deep sleep.
The first mass effect spell the developing magician learns, In Zu causes the scent of poppies to emanate from the caster in an ever-widening wedge, dropping into a sound of sleep all those touched by it. Only the toughest minds and wills may deny it. Nightshade, gathered when high tide coincides with a moonless midnight, must be mixed with ocean ginseng and spider silk. Moisten with brine and add sand to mix thoroughly. Lay to dry in bright moonlight. Note that this spell is just as effective on friend as foe; aim carefully.
Induces unconsciousness in the chosen victim.
This spell causes the enchanted person to fall asleep.
This spell puts the subject to sleep for a varying length of time.

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