Create Soul Prism

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Create Soul Prism
Ultima VII Part Two
Words of Power: AN MANI EX
Reagents: BM, GA, MR, SC, SS, SA
Circle: 4th

With the help of the Create Soul Prism spell, a mage can transform a worm gem into a soul prism, which is capable of being used as a prison for powerful spirits. Originally, the prisms were used to power automatons, and therefore is central to creating new machines or repairing old ones.This spell was thought lost and is a secret of the mage Torrissio.

Without this spell, the Avatar will not be able to trap the Banes of Chaos.


  • It is possible to accidentally use the unique scroll without transcribing it, creating an unsolvable situation.
  • This spell is not mentioned in the game's documentation.

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