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The docks of Buccaneer's Den
East of the Britannian mainland and West of New Magincia lies Buccaneer's Den, with the isolated Orney Isle bordering the southern side of its harbor. Far from the powers of the British government, this secluded settlement is a well-known haven for the pirates and criminals of the realm and is home to the notorious Guild of Thieves. Given its lawless culture, the island city has long had a significant black market catering to those in search of exotic or illegal goods, and a canny adventurer can often find rare and useful items here, if they know where to look.



Age of Darkness[edit]

In the dark ages of old Sosaria, the pirates of the realm formed a unified fleet, which eventually drove all legitimate merchant and military vessels from the ocean around the time of Ultima III. Years later, around the time when the land was unified under Lord British as Britannia, the village of Buccaneer's Den was established.

Age of Enlightenment[edit]

By the time of Ultima IV, this secretive community of brigands and outcasts was not yet known to the world of large, and was absent from the maps of the era, despite being a major hub for the now outlawed Guild. When its existence eventually became common knowledge, its illicit dealings gradually became more secretive - with piracy and thievery eventually becoming taboo topics in the towne by the time of Ultima VI. Despite this policy of silence, the Guild of the city nevertheless flourished during these years, and managed to construct extensive tunnels in secret, connecting the island to the sewage systems of Britain and Castle Britannia.

Age of Armageddon[edit]

Unlike many of the other cities of the realm, Buccaneer's Den flourished in the years following the ending of human- gargoyle hostilities, with the once hostile freehold slowly transforming itself to a popular resort for tourists and gamblers. Aided by the nascent Fellowship, the residents of Buccaneer's Den built a profitable casino and bathhouse, and the economy of the towne blossomed as travelers came from all corners of the kingdom to partake of the pleasures of the isle. This income, in turn, fattened the purses of the involved Fellowship operatives, allowing the society to finance its agendas. Parts of the tunnel network were eventually refurbished for use by the group, and one of the Fellowship's assassins, Hook, was permanently housed in these labyrinthine caves.

Later, after the discovery of the Fellowship's true nature and the subsequent order for its disbandment, Buccaneer's Den remained within the group's thrall, with those who resisted Lord British's ban flocking to the island and meeting in secret. During the Guardian's assault on Castle Britannia in Ultima Underworld II, a gathering of Fellowship loyalists converged in the city, and were apparently to play a role in the abortive invasion attempt launched by the Red Titan.

While the Fellowship appears to have eventually been driven from Buccaneer's Den in the decades that followed, the volatile port towne nevertheless thrived in the years which saw such catastrophes as the storms of the Imbalance and the Great Cataclysm. By the time of the Avatar's final return to the realm in Ultima IX, Buccaneer's Den was one of the largest cities in Britannia, and thievery, prostitution and slavery were all practiced openly within it, while the Guild ruled openly under its leader, Samhayne.


During thy seafaring keep a sharp lookout for the towne of Buccaneer's Den, said to be found on an isle southeast of Britanny Bay. This towne is the freehold of some unsavory characters who have, in the past, plied a trade not favored by most sailors.
This island village lies due east of Paws. Said to be a centre for thieves and blackguards to this day, Buccaneer's Den is a thriving towne that offers some exotic shopping, as well as an inn, restaurant, armoury, and shipbuilder.
'Twould be easy to say that such a place as this is one best avoided by followers of Virtue. However, the headquarters of pirates and other assorted thugs called Buccaneer's Den is also a place of great resource, where shoppes sell exotic wares such as mystic gems and magical rings of fabulous power. Those who can make it out of towne without being relieved of their purchases along the way should consider themselves fortunate. For those who dare to seek it, the port of Buccaneer's Den can be found on a tiny island far to the south-southeast of Britanny Bay.
Lives there a soul who has not heard of the notorious pirates and thieves of Buccaneer's Den? In spite of its ill repute, many travelers have found this island village east of Paws to be a great source of exotic goods. The ships that frequent its harbor bring unusual artifacts from far and wide.
Though hardly the notorious den of pirates and thieves it once was, there are still some suspicious goings on in Buccaneer's Den. Of course, if Budo were to be giving discounts to members of a certain guild, such as one Homer might belong to, I wouldn't know a thing about it. I prefer to follow Patrick's example, and cultivate a certain ignorance of affairs that don't concern me. It is odd how you have to go through a secret door in the tavern to reach Budo's shop, though...

Speaking of the tavern, the Fallen Virgin is one of the rowdiest there is! Of course, that's to be expected, with all the sailors gathering there when their ships are at anchor. They're always ready to pick a fight. Perhaps you'll find some willing to go adventuring with you.

This island is the notorious home of pirates and thieves. It is a place that is not without risks and dangers - especially if one is too free in displaying one's money. Still, Buccaneer's Den has attracted many travelers in recent years with the lurid thrill of its well-monied House of Games and sensuous indoor Baths. It is also a place where one may purchase many exotic goods.
One of the slowest areas of Reconstruction is Buccaneer's Den. It is as if all the evil ferreted out in other towns has fled there and made itself at home. Although it appears a more pleasant place to live than it was a year ago, it remains a hub of smuggling and piracy.
Far from land in the Great Sea, Buccaneer's Den draws them who would be free of the laws of Britannia. A gathering ground for pirates and thieves, Buccaneer's Den has become a busy port that thrives on the trade of pirates. Visitors who are not known to the inhabitants are regarded as victims and fools. Many is the fool blown off-course in the swirling currents of life in the Den. Draw your weapon before entering uncertain roads and ill-lit rooms. The few good people will not take offense, and cutpurses will give you a wide berth. Be wary of proffered goods, for forgeries are freely circulating in the markets. However, a keen eye will discover exotic items of great value. A nimble tongue may wean valuable information in the alehouse.


Ultima IV[edit]

Map of Buccaneer's Den in Ultima IV, from The Way of the Avatar
Overview of Buccaneer's Den in Ultima IV


Ultima IV (NES)[edit]

Ultima V[edit]

Overview of Buccaneer's Den in Ultima V

Ultima V: Lazarus[edit]

Buccaneer's Den - Ultima V: Lazarus Map

Ultima VI[edit]

Map of Buccaneer's Den in Ultima VI, from The Book of Prophecy

The Ultima VI Project[edit]

Buccaneer's Den - Ultima 6 Project Map

Ultima VII[edit]

Overview of Buccaneer's Den in Ultima VII

Ultima VII (SNES)[edit]

Ultima IX[edit]

Map of Buccaneer's Den in Ultima IX


Ultima IV[edit]

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Ultima VI[edit]

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Ultima IX[edit]

Places of interest[edit]

Concept Art of Asylum


  • In the original plans for Ultima IX, Buccaneer's Den was very different. For one, it was called Asylum and no longer was a pirate city (also noted on the concept art). Also it more resembled a normal city, despite some similarities in architecture. The House of Baths also was present in that incarnation of the city.
  • Buccaneer's Den features heavily in Hiroyuki Watanabe's Ultima-inspired manga, Ultima: The Fall of Magincia. In this comic, the pirates of the city were previously united by Susadora's father, and their fleet allies with the people of Golaia in the battle against the forces of Vitor.

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