Budo (U7)

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Budo, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII
Location: Buccaneer's Den

This article is about a character from Ultima VII. For the Ultima VI character who is his ancestor, see Budo (U6).

Budo (also known as Budo the Fourth) is a provisioner in Buccaneer's Den during Ultima VII.


Budo was a direct descendant of guildmaster Budo, whom the Avatar had once dealt with in the midst of their quest to end the Gargish conflict during Ultima VI. He had inherited the honest half of his great-grandfather's business and ran the same provisioner's shop his ancestor had, stocking the local city with basic armour, weapons and dry goods. Speaking to the Avatar, he could relate the slow decline of the Guild of Thieves upon the isle and allude to the rise of the Fellowship in their stead, admitting freely that the organization had saved him from financial ruin and that he tithed half of his earnings to it as a result.[1]

Should the hero ask after the elusive Crown Jewel, Budo would become evasive, claiming simply that it made frequent stops on the island and that he knew little of the crew's dealings. Under the influence of the Cube Prism, however, he would reveal the vessel had been making regular sojourns to the Isle of the Avatar, giving a clue as to the true location of the Fellowship's base of operations.[2]


  • Should Iolo be present in the party while speaking to Budo, he will remark as to the opulence of the merchant's establishment.[1]


Prices in Ultima VII were as follows: [3]

Goods Cost
Lockpick 10gp
Torch 5gp
Armour and Weapons
Bow 40gp
Club 20gp
Dagger 20gp
Halberd 250gp
Sword 100gp
Arrows (dozen) 25gp
Bolts (dozen) 30gp
Plate Armour 325gp
Plate Leggings 200gp
Scale Armour 100gp
Gorget 40gp
Great Helm 200gp
Ship (The Lusty Wench) 800gp


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