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Key to the Black Gate

The Ultima VII Clue Book: Key to the Black Gate (ISBN:0-929373-09-X) is 64 pages long and contains maps to all cities and dungeons, two different walkthroughs (one with hints and one with detailed help), and comprehensive tables of game statistics for Ultima VII concerning weapons, armour and all other goods, spell prices and healing. It was published in 1992 and originally retailed for USD $14.95.

In-universe, Anton, the apprentice of Alagner, with the help of the Xorinite Wisp and the Time Lord, wrote the book. The Wisp gives more general hints, while the Time Lord gives concrete help and advice. Other people, who can all be met in the game itself, narrate the various sections about the cities, dungeons and shopping opportunities. One of them, the merchant Octavius, only appears in this book. The book is also filled with custom-made illustrations, including portraits of many persons that also appear in the game itself, making these a good comparison to the pixel art.

In real-life Andrew Morris has written the book.

Book Content and Alternate Covers[edit]


  • The cover originally was supposed to look quite different from the final version, as seen in an advertisement at the back of the Ultima Underworld Clue Book. The key would have pointed sidewards, the cover would have been completely black and the title was above the key in white letters and inside a box.
  • The original painting of the final cover art showing the key got found and is shown in the gallery above. The art is mirror-inverted.

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