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Balancing the Scales
The Ultima VII Part Two Clue Book: Balancing the Scales is 80 pages long and contains maps of all cities and dungeons, statistics for all weapons and armour (including magical ones), price lists for healing and spells, two walkthroughs (one with general hints and one with detailed help) and a detailed history of Serpent Isle. It originally retailed for USD$14.95 and was published in 1993. It was written by Sheri Graner Hobbs and Andrew Morris.

The book is written in a narrative style, taking the form of journal entries written by the Xenkan Monk, Thoxa, as she journeyed the Serpent Isle in search of the Avatar. Thoxa in the narration also talks about the various adventures and incidents that happened during the travel, including not-so discreet advances by Filbercio, Brendann and Frigidazzi. For her as a monk, these situations are uncomfortable -especially the last one.

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