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Mysteries of the Abyss

The Ultima Underworld Clue Book: Mysteries of the Abyss is 64 pages long and contains game narrative and maps presented by the evil wizard Tyball in a letter to his former apprentice Malabelle, and the Avatar, plus details on the game engine of Ultima Underworld.

The narration is interesting in that it fills details on various NPCs, that in the game stayed unexplained, deepening how Tyball terrorized the inhabitants of the Abyss. It also contains a detailed backstory of the events between Tyball and Garamon that was not shown in the game, which led to the Slasher of Veils being brought to Britannia and Garamon's subsequent murder. It also holds explanations on Tyball's further motivations and reason for the kidnapping.

It originally retailed for USD$14.95 and was published in 1992. It was written by Aaron Allston.

This was the first hintbook to be assigned an ISBN code.

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