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Secrets of Sosaria

The Ultima III Clue Book: Secrets of Sosaria is 48 pages long and contains maps and hints for important quests in Ultima III. It originally retailed for USD$12.95 and was published in 1983. It was written by "Lord Robert," which is the alias of Robert Garriott, Richard Garriott's brother. The maps in this book are not drawn and instead look like ASCII-art.

There was a re-printing of the book with Origin's new address in 1987.


Ultima III originally came with the following typed advertisement for Secrets of Sosaria:

Ultimate Warriors of EXODUS: ULTIMA III

As thou dost venture forth across these mystical lands of Sosaria, many a Fighter, Thief, and even Mage will succumb to the evil forces of EXODUS. Though thou hast at thy disposal truly wondrous powers, many among you will desire a greater knowledge of the realm before thy journey is complete. In order to provide these wishes, I, Lord British, will supply "The Secrets of Sosaria" for thy use if desired (or needed).

"The Secrets of Sosaria" is a fully illustrated document detailing the design and implementation of Exodus:Ultima III. It contains complete maps of all towns, castles, dungeons, and magic realms. A digest of what things to find where, and clues to aid thee on thy quests.

In order to prepare this powerful work, runners were sent to all corners of the world to gather the deepest secrets of Sosaria. Great expenses were incurred and many lives were cast into the Abyss. Therefore, in order to be empowered with this priceless knowledge, an offering must be made in tribute to the dead of no less than $12.95, payable in currency of the Realm.

Inquire at thy local dealer, or obtain "The Secrets of Sosaria" direct from the Origin at the address above. Available fourth quarter, 1983.

Journey forth with my blessing. May thou encounter good fortune and reap vast rewards!

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