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Anton, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII
Location: Buccaneer's Den
Anton is a young scholar apprenticed to the sage Alagner. The Avatar may encounter him in Buccaneer's Den during Ultima VII.


Sometime prior to the events of Ultima VII, Anton left his native New Magincia on Alagner's behalf, embarking on a quest to learn about the true nature of the Fellowship and to compile information such that the Avatar would be prepared to fight against it should the hero return to Britannia.

Traveling across the kingdom, the youth also amassed considerable lore on a variety of other topics, which he used as capital when questioning the alien wisps. Extraordinarily, Anton even managed to secure an audience with the Time Lord, and thereby learned of events yet to unfold, including the impending death of his mentor. After compiling as much data as he could into a series of collected notes and maps known as Key to the Black Gate, the young man tragically fell into the hands of his enemies, and was imprisoned in the Fellowship's stronghold in Buccaneer's Den.[1][2]

Not well-equipped to withstand the tortures he would be forced to endure, Anton quickly revealed the details of his mission to his jailer, a troll known as Grod. Despite having told his captors what they wished to know, the scholar was still subject to daily lashings from his sadistic keeper, and grew weaker as the days of torment stretched on. His only companion in this misery was Sullivan, a shyster who had made his living by conning others into believing he was the Avatar.[3][1]

Should the true Avatar discover the dungeon in which Anton was kept, the hero could opt to slay Grod, and thereafter liberate Anton and Sullivan using the keys found on the troll's body. If thus freed, the youth would thank his rescuer, hoping to someday be able to repay their kindness.


Anton, composing Key to the Black Gate
  • Should Grod and Sullivan be present on-screen while speaking to Anton, they will both chime in during his dialogue, providing some blackly humorous banter.[3]


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