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A male human adventurer
First appearance: Ultima I
Last appearance: Ultima IX

Humans are the predominant species of many of the lands featured in the Ultima series. They have a wide range of characterization, although they are generally portrayed as ambitious and intelligent, and comprise the majority of characters encountered throughout the games.


Of all the intelligent species in Britannia, many have come and gone, but only humans have persevered continuously throughout the centuries. Even in the Age of Darkness, when many other races were seen in professions of all types, humans still appeared to comprise the majority of the ruling classes within Sosaria - and while the once-plentiful races of elves, bobbits, dwarves (later called mountain-folk), and fuzzies eventually came to all but disappear from Britannia, humans have remained as prevalent, and as ambitious, as ever.

In terms of temperament, humanity runs a wide gamut - from the legendary deeds of the Avatar to the wicked dealings of the Fellowship, some of the most heroic dealings and the foulest atrocities alike can be attributed to those of human lineage. Although shown to possess a masterful ingenuity and sharp intellect which has bolstered their species throughout the ages, humans are comparatively out of touch with the natural world when contrasted with beings such as the emps, and their hardiness in the face of the Imbalance marked them as being somehow more corrupt than "gentler" races, such as the gargoyles.


On Earth, Rhiannon and the lands which house Killorn Keep and the Pits of Carnage, humanity appears to be the single dominant species controlling the planet. This was also the case for some time on Britannia following the apparent extinction of other races which occurred at the end of the Age of Darkness - although eventually Britannians came to share their world with the gargoyles who fled the destruction of their own homelands.

On other worlds, such as the war torn lands of Tarna and the Serpent Isle, human kingdoms exist, although said existence is often imperiled by conflict with equally potent races, such as goblins. The lands of Pagan also stand as grim testament to worlds where man's destiny is uncertain, with its human inhabitants long indentured to the Elemental Titans of that realm.


Endowed with a natural intellect higher than any other race, the humans are the backbone of Sosarian society. Found in all walks of life, they are strong of body and of unexcelled spirit.


  • In early games, humans receive a racial bonus to their Intelligence statistic.
  • In Ultima Online, humans are one of the playable races. Their special abilities within the game may be found here.

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