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This article is about a world. For the Ultima VIII character, see Tarna (NPC).

Tarna is one of the worlds which is shown to be under the influence of the Guardian during the events of Ultima Underworld II.


For much of it's history, Tarna had been home to sizable populations of both goblins and humans, who largely coexisted in an uneasy peace marred but occasionally by armed conflict. Thirty years prior to the Avatar's arrival there, however, the Guardian had managed to contact the goblin people through their shamanic priesthood, and had engineered a war which had left humanity largely subdued under the rule of a goblin regent, with human settlements having been left desolate through magically borne plagues and famines.[1] Although their numbers are not known, the troll Garg related that his people were also drawn into the conflict, and also found themselves subjugated.[2]

Following the goblin victory, pockets of human resistance began to appear under the control of a freedom fighter known as Bishop, who used his extensive mystic knowledge to contact other opponents of the Red Titan across the multiverse. At the time of the Avatar's contact with Tarna, Bishop had been captured and imprisoned in a goblin-held outpost, potentially hamstringing the rebel efforts should he have remained a prisoner.

Known Locations[edit]

Crogus Mountains[edit]

Located in the barren reaches of Tarna, the Crogus mountains at one point served as a base of operations for Bishop's forces, and it was here that he penned the Gems of Enlightenment.[3]


One of the human kingdoms of Tarna was Fyrna, which appears to have been located in the northlands of the main continent. Little is known about Fyrna, save that it suffered grievously under the Guardian's magic and appears to have fallen to the goblin armies. Felix, the prince of Fyrna, could be found amongst the slaves of the Prison Tower.[4]

The Prison Tower[edit]

The only location which the Avatar visited on Tarna was a small unnamed Prison Tower held by the goblin commander Borne, which housed the imprisoned Bishop. This area was the first of the eight worlds of the gem which the hero encountered in their quest to destroy the Blackrock Dome, and it was here that they could endeavor to free Bishop from his captivity and slay the goblin forces within.



  • A note in the Prison Tower's storerooms indicates that "poori bread" (possibly a name taken from a Terran dish originating in India) and "sourweed" number amongst the foodstuffs of Tarna.


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