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The category "worlds" includes universes, ages, and planets without any distiction.

These are the universes included in the series:

  1. The Earth, in at least three different "universes":
    1. The Avatar's Earth (i.e. the homeworld of the Ultima players) and the Earth (and Mars) in Martian Dreams;
    2. Eodon (The Savage Empire);
    3. Minax's Ahistorical Earth (Ultima II), that includes four ages: Earth (Pangea), Earth (1423 B.C.), Earth (1990 A.D.), Earth (2112 A.D. Aftermath); the 2112 A.D. age includes, in turn, the following planets: Mercury, Venus, one version of Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Planet X.
  2. Britannia, in at least two different "universes":
    1. Sosaria/Britannia in the main series;
    2. Serpent Isle, separated from the rest of Britannia during the First Great Land Upheaval;
    3. Britannia in Ultima Online and its various facets (Felucca (facet), Trammel (facet), Lost Lands, Ilshenar, Tokuno Islands, Ter Mur);
    4. Caledonia, a slightly future Britannia (but still medieval) in Lord of Ultima.
  3. The Time of Legends (Ultima II).
  4. The Ethereal Void, including Malas (a facet of Ultima Online).
  5. Pagan (Ultima VIII).
  6. The Guardian's worlds from Ultima Underworld II:
    1. Tarna, world of the prison tower;
    2. Killorn Keep and the world of Killorn Keep;
    3. the ice world of Anodunos;
    4. Talorus;
    5. Scintillus Academy;
    6. Pits of Carnage;
    7. Rhiannon, tomb of Praecor Loth.
  7. Balema, homeworld of Gorn (in The Quest and Ring Quest).
  8. Ashtalarea, homeworld of Seggallion (in Knights of Legend).

Furthermore, the Hallway of Worlds is an artificial passageway that is separate from any of the aforementioned universes.


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