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Pluto symbol.png
Pluto, circa 2112 A.D.

Pluto is a dwarf-planet[1] beyond the orbit of Neptune of Terran Solar System. In Ultima II it is possible to visit Pluto in the year 2112 A.D. using a rocket ship.


When the Stranger travelled in time to this age, Pluto was located at coordinates 0,1,4. The planet could be visited flying on a rocket ship, which can be acquired from the post-apocalyptic Soviet settlement of Pirates Harbour.

Within the time stream created by Minax's machinations, the Pluto of the twenty-second century actually appeared to be superficially similar to what it was one century earlier. This Pluto, however, was heavily inhabited by what appeared to be human colonists: with the pirate settlement Towne Makler situated within the forests of one of the planets canyons, and the strange village of Tommersville built along a small lake. Pluto also had a dungeon which, rather than being the usual labyrinth of twisty little passages and rickety ladders, featured large, pillared, vaulted halls and comfortable central staircases, allowing the Stranger easy access to its supplies of tri-lithium rocket fuel. Due to the inhospitable, mountainous terrain covering much of the Plutonian surface, terrestrial airplanes and ships were stationed at various sites on the planetoid's surface, allowing for transportation between the settlements.

After the Time Doors closed and the ahistorical timeline became inaccessible, any other information about it is unknown.


Pluto in the C64 port
  • Pluto was first observed in 1915 by an observatory headed by Percival Lowell, a famous astronomer who featured later in the Ultima game Martian Dreams. At the time, Lowell was searching for evidence of a hypothetical "Planet X", and did not recognize the images as being an object of signifance. [2]
  • In the Commodore 64 port of Ultima II, there is only one canyon on Pluto, the one hosting Towne Makler and the dungeon. All remaining canyons, airplanes, and Tommersville were removed from this port.


  1. In 2006, 24 years after the release of Ultima 2, the International Astronomical Union defined the term "planet" for the first time. The specifications of the term excluded objects such as Pluto, and the former planet was reclassified as a "dwarf-planet", inciting much public disapproval.
  2.  "Pluto". Wikipedia. Retrieved 2010-11-06.

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