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The land of Caledonia is the setting for Lord of Ultima, the browser-based real-time strategy game.

Caledonia is a network of forty-nine islands that arose from the sea with the destruction of ancient Sosaria. On each island, players take control of a newly founded city, and attempt to raise city-states which are in a constant state of war against one another.


Lou lore.jpg

A letter by the great mentor, Lyanna.[1]


  • Caledonia is the Latin name for Scotland, given to it during the era of Roman expansion. Similarly, New Caledonia is a collectivity in France. These may have been the namesake of this new land.
  • On each server, the islands are arranged in a 7x7 grid.
  • Each island, or continent, is composed of a 100x100 grid of tiles. Tiles are (mostly) randomly generated, and can contain forest, mountains, plains, rivers, etc. Cities can only exist on plains tiles.
  • On one server, World 13 (West Coast Server), only 25 islands exist in a 5x5 grid.


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