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Talorus is a world visited by the Avatar during their adventures in Ultima Underworld II.


Talorus was particularly alien in comparison to many of the planes to which the Avatar sojourned. The hive-like compound the hero visited was constructed of brightly colored and strange materials, and was populated by intelligent entities known as Talorids, which appeared as floating spheres surrounded by a diaphanous nimbus. Its social structure was highly compartmentalized, with each member of the settlement performing a single function in isolation from other Talorids.

While Talorian culture had always striven toward unified goals, in the past the Talorids had enjoyed a greater sense of autonomy and had expressed themselves artistically and philosophically. This gradually ceased, however, after they contacted the Guardian, who made various "suggestions" to increase their societal efficiency and eventually led them to abolish most functions not essential to his own machinations. By the time of the Avatar's contact with the realm, many Talorids were consumed with work which bore no benefit to Talorus, unknowingly crafting supplies for the Guardian's campaigns of conquest.[1][2]


  • Bliy Skup Ductosnore: a Talorid responsible for ensuring its species reproduction
  • Data Integrator: a Talorid responsible for harmonizing conflicting data
  • Dialogicans: two Talorids tasked with facilitating communication and conversation
  • Eloemosynator: a Talorid whose function is hard to describe in human terms
  • Futurian: a Talorid responsible for preparing for possible futures
  • Historian: a Talorid responsible for recording and remembering the past
  • Runekeeper: a Talorid responsible for crafting rune stones
  • Vorz Ductosnore: a Talorid responsible for managing the production of Vorz


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