Killorn Keep

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Killorn Keep

Killorn Keep is a floating fortress on an unnamed world visited by the Avatar in Ultima Underworld II.


Killorn Keep flies 1257 feet over the Krain desert, where it overlooks the nomads of the Northern Wastes. Originally built on the ground below, the castle was eventually made to imprison two fantastical beasts within its foundations, causing it to float over the lands where once it lay anchored.[1]

At the time of the Avatar's travels in the worlds of the black gem, Killorn Keep was under the rule of Lord Thibris, a former soldier who earned renown during the Praecor Loth campaign. Despite its astonishing power of flight, the castle served as little more than as an icon of the Guardian's presence, having little functional purpose outside of the continued captivity of those who carried it. Its isolated location led to many regarding an assignment to Killorn Keep as a form of punishment, and those stationed there frequently seek promotion to a less desolate locale.[2][3][4]

Due, most probably, to the inter-planar magics which briefly linked Killorn to Castle Britannia, the Guardian briefly used it as a base of operations for his attempt to invade Britannia following his creation of the Blackrock Dome. Ultimately, however, this short siege campaign failed due to the intervention of the Avatar.



  • The standard of Killorn keep is blue eagle. A banner of symbolic import bearing this crest was lost during the Praecor Loth campaign and the player can seek it out in Loth's tomb and return it to the castle steward.[1]
  • It is possible to cause Killorn Keep to crash by killing the creatures which keep it afloat. Should this happen, all characters within its walls will become hostile as it falls to the ground. The player can later visit it after the crash, when it will have been reduced to an empty ruin.
  • Travel to Killorn Keep from the surface lands is made possible by airships.[5]


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