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Uranus symbol.svg
Map of Uranus during 2112 A.D.

Uranus is a planet within the Terran Solar System. In Ultima II it is possible to visit Uranus in the year 2112 A.D. using a rocket ship.


When the Stranger travelled in time to this age, Uranus was located at coordinates 9,4,6. The planet could be visited flying on a rocket ship, which can be acquired from the post-apocalyptic Soviet settlement of Pirates Harbour.

Minax's Uranus was a densely forested world, with small patches of swampland and mountains appearing occasionally amid its thick woodlands. Known to Earth's people to be inhabited at the time,[1] Uranus was home to the strange village of New Jester, which was inhabited by a race of Uranian jesters known to swarm around any who entered their domicile, sometimes forcing their targets into inescapable positions in which they would die of starvation or exposure. A signpost could also be found in the southeastern quadrant of the planetscape.

After the Time Doors closed and the ahistorical timeline became inaccessible, any other information about it is unknown.


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