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Map of Port Bonifice

Port Bonifice is a city located in Great Britain in 1990 A.D. It exists within the alternate time line created by Minax's interventions in Ultima II.


Port Bonifice was a city on the British Isles during the tempestuous times of Minax's 1990s. Given its proximity to the Castle of Lord British, it may have been under the dominion of Lord British, who appeared in the time-zone during this era.

The city had a fast food restaurant known as McDonall's, which appeared to be run by the sub-race of benevolent orcs who populated some cities of Earth at the time. The Stranger, if unscrupulous, could easily abscond with large quantities of food from this establishment before the authorities could arrive to address the crime, which could have made this settlement an important point for amassing supplies.

Port Bonifice's harbor, for which it was named, contained an almost uncountable number of ships, although they were heavily guarded by officials. If the Stranger was able to abscond with a vessel, it would be found that the northernmost walls of the town had writing inscribed in them, warning the traveler that all was not as it appeared, and instructing that what looked like a dead end to the present body of water was in fact a channel leading to the ocean.

The city also featured a Vegas-style wedding chapel, known as X Road Chapel, and a wizard's supply store, called Chad Mads. A blind seer was also housed in this towne, who could give advice as to the importance of gaining Father Antos' blessing.[1]

It is presumed that after the death of Minax and the ensuing correction of the time stream, Port Bonifice disappeared from Earth's reality.


Shops and Services[edit]


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