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Map of Shadowguard
The destruction of Shadowguard

Shadowguard is the stronghold of Minax the Enchantress in Ultima II, which resides in the mythical Time of Legends.


The palace of Minax was located in a land seemingly beyond time, wherein the balance of good and evil affected the temper of all history. The impressive citadel was home to terrifying monstrosities. It also housed torture chambers, a cathedral dedicated to black masses, a museum of Minax's conquests, a thieves' guild, a morgue, a garden filled with time doors and two chambers which Minax was capable of dimensionally transposing herself between.

Shadowguard was protected by several force fields, which required the Stranger to possess a magical ring in order to pass. Once within the keep's wall, however, the hero was able to successfully battle through to the witch and slay her, rendering her perversions of temporal causality moot.

It is unknown what later became of Shadowguard after the demise of its mistress. However, fragments of a manuscript were found in the ruins of the castle.[1] This manuscript hinted of an unholy alliance between Minax and Mondain, and that something had fructified from that union (which was eventually found to be Exodus).[1]



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