Shrine of Order

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The Shrine of Order

Shrine of Order is located on the Serpent Isle and appears in Ultima VII Part Two.


The heartpiece of the underground city of Spinebreaker is the Shrine of Order, also known as the Grand Shrine of Order. It is the central place of the order-part of the religion of the Ophidians. The shrine also houses the Wall of Lights of Order, enabling the Order Hierophant to consult the Order Serpent in the void.

It was also the place where the remaining followers of Order left the devastated Serpent Isle after their short-term victory in the War of Imbalance. Centuries later, Batlin tried to use the Wall of Lights, but the energies of the Wall penetrated the unprotected Soul Prisms, and the Guardian withdrew his protection from Batlin due his treachery, allowing the Banes of Chaos to unleash havoc over the whole island.