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Map of Le Jester village

Le Jester is a village on Earth in the year 1423 B.C. It exists within the alternate time line created by Minax's interventions in Ultima II.


Le Jester was located in the territory of what would be modern Namibia, which (in unaltered history) would likely have been home to the pastoral Khoikhoi ethnic group. In the time line of Minax, however, Le Jester was inhabited by computer programmers, nymphs and oracles. It offered much by the way of magical instruction and mystic council, and a surprisingly badly guarded food store for the aspiring burglar.

The town was seemingly named for what appeared to be a jester grotesquely walled up in a monument in the center of the town. It is presumed that Le Jester vanished from Earth's reality after the death of Minax and the ensuing correction of the time stream.


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