Blue Boar Tavern

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Blue Boar Tavern
Ultima VII
Type: Tavern
Location: Britain
Proprietor: Lucy
Ultima VI
Blue Boar Tavern, from Ultima VI
Location: Britain
Proprietor: Anya
Ultima V
Blue Boar Tavern, from Ultima V
Location: Britannys
Proprietor: Jaymes
Ultima III
Blue Boar Tavern, from Ultima III
Location: Moon

The Blue Boar Tavern in Britain is one of the oldest drinking establishments in Britannia, having been in continuous operation since its days as a West Britanny pub in Ultima V through its last years as a renowned center of drink and entertainment in Ultima VII. A solid presence in the reality of Britannia's fabric, the well-established alehouse is also present within the fragmented worlds of Ultima Online.


Age of Darkness[edit]

It is likely that the Blue Boar of Britain derived its name from a tavern of the same name in the Sosarian city of Moon, which was in service during the Stranger's quest against Exodus. This historic tavern, in addition to likely being the inspiration for the famed drinking house of Britain, also appears to have carried its name to the far-flung shores of Serpent Isle, where a Blue Boar Inn was established by Moonish immigrants within the mage-ruled city of Moonshade.

Age of Enlightenment[edit]

The original Blue Boar was a modest tap house which nevertheless dominated the small hamlet it occupied, catering to the local farmers. At the time it was operated by Jaymes, and purportedly had been the original eatery to serve mutton a la Britanny as prepared by its chef Andre, which was later popularized at the Wayfarer's Inn in central Britain.[1]

Over the years, as the Britannies became absorbed by the ever expanding capital, the Blue Boar was relocated to the eastern part of the city, eventually coming under the ownership of Anya and her husband Matt during the time of the gargoyle wars in Ultima VI. Now at the heart of a Britannia's cosmopolitan urban center, the tavern's customer base expanded greatly, with Zoltan's kumpania making frequent stops during its wanderings and the Covite bard Lazeena often gracing the establishment with her music.

Age of Armageddon[edit]

Centuries later, little had changed about the now well-entrenched eatery, which appeared by the time of Ultima VII to be a source of regular restaurant meals for much of the metropolitan center's populace. Now owned by the exuberant Lucy and run with the aid of the bubbly Jeanette, the tavern had become a major entertainment stop for Britons, with numerous patrons coming to see the popular house band, "The Avatars." [2]

Sadly, in the years that followed, the Blue Boar, like many popular locales in Britain, vanished from the vibrant cityscape - likely having succumb to either the Imbalance or the Great Cataclysm by the time of Ultima IX, at which point it had been replaced by the King's Head as the premier tavern of Britain.


Between holidays I find the Blue Boar Tavern quite servicable [sic], though it's nothing exceptional. Poor Anya is always looking for some miracle cure for her husband... If she mentions it, best not to get her hopes up.


Ultima III[edit]

Prices in Ultima III are in the Moonish tavern of this name as follows:

Goods Cost
Drink 3gp

Ultima V[edit]

Prices in Ultima V are as follows:[3]

Goods Cost
Wine 1gp
Cheese 5gp

Ultima VI[edit]

Prices in Ultima VI are as follows:[4]

Goods Cost
Mead 4gp
Ale 3gp
Wine 6gp
Rations (mutton) 4gp
Cake 8gp

Ultima VII[edit]

Prices in Ultima VII are as follows:[5]

Goods Lucy Jeanette
Beef 20gp 18gp
Ham 20gp 18gp
Mutton 6gp 5gp
Trout 5gp 4gp
Bread 4gp 3gp
Cake 3gp 2gp
Ale 5gp 4gp
Mead 15gp 12gp
Wine 5gp 4gp
Silverleaf 50gp 45gp


Ultima III[edit]

Ultima V[edit]

Ultima VI[edit]

Ultima VII[edit]


  • The Blue Boar was slated to appear in an earlier draft of Ultima IX, developed under Bob White's tenure as lead designer. In this prior version of the game, the historical tavern was to be a haunt of Raven's in the event the rogue was not among the Avatar's party of companions, as well as a point of contact in the hero's liaising with Samhayne's Guild.[6] As a vestige of this appearance, artwork for the Blue Boar's signage remains in the final game's data files.


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