Wayfarer's Inn

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Wayfarer's Inn
Wayfarer Inn.jpg
Ultima VII
Type: Inn
Location: Britain
Proprietor: James (U7)
Ultima VI
Wayfarer's Inn, from Ultima VI
Location: Britain
Proprietor: Peyton
Ultima V
Wayfarer's Inn, from Ultima V
Location: Britain
Proprietor: Donya
Ultima IV
Wayfarer's Inn.png
Wayfarer's Inn, from Ultima IV
Location: Minoc

The Wayfarer's Inn is one of Britannia's oldest places of lodging, having been present in Britain since the time of Ultima V until its eventual disappearance following Ultima VII.


Age of Enlightenment[edit]

The first hostel to bear the name "Wayfarer's Inn" was found in the city of Minoc in Ultima IV, where it was owned and operated by a man known as Estro.[1] The foremost building in the still nascent City of Sacrifice, this Wayfarer's Inn housed such travelers as Azure, the rune-carver; and Mike Ward, a Skara Braen wanderer in search of the lost rune of Spirituality. During this time of emergent virtue, a young boy, Alex also strayed about the inn's hallways, giving flowers to those who stayed within.

In later years the inn seemingly relocated to Britain, where it eventually came to belong to a woman named Donya during the era of Lord Blackthorn's regime in Ultima V. In this oppressive time, the Wayfarer nevertheless appeared to flourish, offering both food and rest to the road-weary. Dominating the northern part of the City of Compassion, the inn had expanded to include a bar and restaurant and as such housed an extensive number of workers, including a bartender, a chef, a busboy and a maid. Attracting such men as the bard Greyson, the enlarged establishment proved the center of much of city life - and as those within apparently sympathetic to the efforts of the Resistance, the inn also sheltered a secret guest within its walls - Annon, the former British representative of the Great Council.

Years later, by the time of the gargish conflicts that marked the late Age of Enlightenment, the Wayfarer had passed to the even-tempered Peyton, and stood within the rapidly expanding city as an historic site,[2] albeit not as prominent a one as it had been during the dark days of the Oppression. With those seeking drink, food and entertainment increasingly turning to the Blue Boar for its services, the inn had reduced its scope of operations significantly, now serving as a bed and breakfast instead of a full tavern.

Age of Armageddon[edit]

Over the next two centuries, the Wayfarer's Inn of the past came to have its niche fully filled by the Blue Boar, and the well-known inn reverted to offering naught but lodging. By the days of Ultima VII it had passed hands to the curmudgeonly James,[3] who did little to keep his discontentment with his inheritance a secret. In the years that followed, the Wayfarer, like much of the old city of Britain, vanished from the area - likely having succumb to either the Imbalance or the Great Cataclysm by the time of Ultima IX, if not having fallen victim to James' despondency in years prior.

Inn Register[edit]

In Ultima VII, looking at the register at the Wayfarer's Inn yielded the following names of previous travelers:


Ultima IV[edit]

Prices in Ultima IV are as follows:

Lodging  % Beds Cost
Room Single Bed 30gp
Room Two Beds 60gp
Room Three Beds 90gp

Ultima V[edit]

Prices in Ultima V are as follows:[4]

Lodging Cost Per
Three Rooms 2gp per evening Party Members

Ultima VI[edit]

Prices in Ultima VI are as follows:[5]

Lodging Cost Per
Rooms 8gp per night Party Members

Ultima VII[edit]

Prices in Ultima VII are as follows:[6]

Lodging Cost Per
Rooms 10gp per night Party Members


Ultima V[edit]

Prices in Ultima V are as follows:

Goods Cost
Mutton 4gp
Rations 15gp
Ale 1gp

Ultima V: Lazarus[edit]

This is an Ultima V: Lazarus-related article or section. The information within may not apply to Ultima V or other Ultima games.

In Ultima V: Lazarus, the inn was simply called "Wayfarer Inn," without the possessive. If asked, Donya would explain that her great-grandmother had the inn moved stone to stone from Minoc into Britain.


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