Sir Horffe

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Sir Horffe
Sir Horffe, from Ultima VII
Species: Gargoyle
Ultima VII
Location: Serpent's Hold

Sir Horffe is the Gargish captain of the guard at Serpent's Hold during Ultima VII.


Horffe had been abandoned as a weanling and was adopted by a pair of human parents from Serpent's Hold who raised them as their son. Fiercely loyal to the people of the keep, the gargoyle could often be found at the side of its castellan, Lord John-Paul. Having spent the majority of his life immersed in human culture, however, Horffe was eager to reconnect with his Gargish heritage, and eventually came to adopt the stilted grammatical syntax of his people as a means of asserting his identity as a gargoyle.[1][2]

Should the Avatar choose to investigate a recent incident of vandalism at the castle during their visit to the Keep of Courage, the hero could eventually deduce that Horffe's blood could be found at the scene of the crime, and could opt to turn the gargoyle over to John-Paul for punishment in light of such evidence. Sir Richter would be quick to support the theory of the gargoyle's guilt, having grown distrustful of him in light of his disapproval of the Fellowship.[3][4]

Speaking to Horffe, however, would reveal that the knight had merely skirmished with the true vandal, and that he had failed to mention the incident owing to the shame her felt over his failure to stop it. Further inquiry into the matter would reveal that Sir Pendaran had been the responsible party, and the hero would be able to clear Horffe's name should he stand falsely accused.[5]


  • Like many characters in Serpent's Hold, Horffe is based on a character from the popular television show, Star Trek: The Next Generation. He resembles Lieutenant Worf, a Klingon who had been raised by adoptive human parents and who often struggled to come to terms with his mixed heritage.
  • In the SNES Port of Ultima VII, Horffe loses a piece of distinctive Gargish jewelry near the, statue rather than being injured in his fight with Pendaran and thereby leaving his blood. The Avatar has the option to return it to the gargoyle after hearing his account of the evening.[6]


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