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This article is about the actual book that came with Ultima IV. For a chronicle of the in-game history of the main world of the Ultima series, see History of Britannia.

The History of Britannia (front cover)
The History of Britannia is one of two manuals included with Ultima IV, providing an objective overview of the land's history and the particulars of its society. It is 36 pages long and written by Roe R. Adams III, fictionally as Kyle the Younger. The book appears in the introduction sequence of Ultima IV, wherein the player is instructed to read it following its discovery by their in-game counterpart.

This is the first Ultima manual entirely written from a Britannian perspective, and lacks all gameplay instructions. It was accompanied by The Book of Mystic Wisdom, which contained detailed instructions for the Britannian magical arts.

There do exist different versions of this book. The release by the publisher U.S. Gold was printed on smooth, yellowish paper and the cover was just black on the same paper. The release for the Japanese MSX-computers was translated (it stayed content-wise the same) and also only printed in monochrome on yellowish paper. For the Sega-Port of Ultima IV, the book was somewhat shrunk down in size, but stayed content-wise the same. Each of the three languages sported a different cover color (blue=English, red=French, yellow=German).

The book was later re-printed in the Age of Virtue manual with some minor adjustments.

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