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The Resistance is a organization in Ultima V which opposes Lord Blackthorn's rule.

After Blackthorn turned the Virtues into draconian law, it didn't take long for a resistance to form against him. The Resistance aims at infiltrating and weakening Blackthorn's rule, although open violence also isn't ruled out. The still-free members of the Great Council are all part of the Resistance, as are some of the Avatar's companions.

The Avatar soon learned about the Resistance when Terrance accidentally spoke about it. Once a member of the Resistance, the Avatar actively worked on weakening Blackthorn's rule.

The Avatar can betray the Resistance to the Oppression to gain possession of the Jeweled Weapons and Jeweled Armour. However, since they are absolutely useless, being a traitor offers little reward.

Prominent Members[edit]

How to join[edit]

To join the Resistance follow these steps:

  • Find Terrance in the Apple Orchard and tell him that you won't turn him in for treason.
  • Tell Chamfort that Terrance sent you and he will give you the password.


  • The password for the Resistance is "Dawn".