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Felespar, from Ultima V: Lazarus
Species: Human
Ultima V: Lazarus
Location: Yew
Description: prisoner and member of the Great Council
Ultima V
Felespar, from Ultima V
Location: Yew
Description: prisoner and member of the Great Council
U5 Transcript: Felespar
The Forge of Virtue
Location: Yew

Felespar is a member of the Great Council, representing Yew during the events of Ultima V.


Felespar had little luck trying to evade Blackthorn's regime and was quickly caught by the Oppression and put into the jail in Yew, where they tried to get the word of power out of him. However, he said nothing. The Avatar found him in his jail cell. Felespar was very careful with what he said, and demanded the Avatar prove membership in the Resistance before he would reveal anything. The Avatar told Felespar the Resistance password, and Felespar thus revealed the Word of Power for the dungeon Wrong.[1]

Ultima V: Lazarus[edit]

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In Ultima V: Lazarus, Felespar cynically discussed with the Avatar the political climate that led to his eventual downfall and imprisonment. Felespar told the Avatar how Blackthorn originally rose to prominence with his Black Company, which rode from town to town enforcing the law, until their ever swelling ranks reached the point where Lord British acknowledged Blackthorn as his official regent.[2]

Felespar told how he used his position on the Great Council to help Blackthorn and Judge Dryden reach their positions of power, promising them great rewards for their support, all the while antagonizing Lord Windemere, who despised Blackthorn due to legal action presided over by Blackthorn's father, a judge in Yew, which saw Lord Windemere's father's put to death. Felespar told the Avatar how Lord Windemere actively worked against Blackthorn, enacting violence upon the Black Company, and how Blackthorn's revenge for the murder of his friend Shaana is what finally drove him to darkness. When Blackthorn asked Felespar to choose between his Black Company and the Great Council, Felespar chose the Great Council, and was imprisoned.

Landon admitted to the Avatar that they had the opportunity to free Felespar from the jail, but Felespar refused, saying Yew would be torn apart searching for him.[3]

Ultima Saga[edit]

This article or section is about the Ultima Saga series of novels. The information within may not apply to Ultima V or other Ultima games.

In Lynn Abbey's Ultima Saga, Felespar is a mage and member of the Great Council of Magicians until they are outlawed by Blackthorn. Felespar is captured and tortued by Blackthorn in an attempt to learn his words of power.[4]

Felespar's amanuensis, Balthan, escaped and was sought by his sister, Althea, and her companions.


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