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Hassad, from Ultima V: Lazarus
Species: Human
Ultima V: Lazarus
Location: Palace of Blackthorn
Ultima V
Hassad, from Ultima V
U5 Transcript: Hassad

Hassad the blind mage is a member of the Great Council, representing Skara Brae, who'd become imprisoned in the Palace of Blackthorn prior to the events of Ultima V.


Hassad had fled Skara Brae when Blackthorn's men under the dark mage Flain moved into the city, hiding on the far-away island of New Magincia under the care of the merchant Kaiko. However, one day the Shadowlords noticed him and hauled him to Blackthorn's palace. As prisoner, he was regularly questioned by the dark king in order to reveal the Word of Power to the dungeon Hythloth, but he refused to reveal it.[1]

After having heard the story from Kaiko, the Avatar finally found Hassad in the dungeon of the castle. Hassad was very careful with what he would say, and only after revealing that the Avatar knew Kaiko and telling Hassad the password of the Resistance, did he reveal the word.

Ultima V: Lazarus[edit]

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Despite being sightless, Hassad immediately recognized the Avatar as the hero approached his cell deep within the Palace of Blackthorn. Hassad felt being a prisoner was still a fate better than death, and he hoped to retain his life as long as possible within the confines of Blackthorn's jail cell. As long as he retained the Word of Power for Hythloth, Hassad felt himself quite safe within prison, and refused to flee with the hero, feeling it would only endanger the Avatar's life.[2] Asked about the word, Hassad would only reveal it if the hero mentioned that Rogi or Kaiko had directed the Avatar to him. [3][4]

Hassad had once served upon the Great Council for Skara Brae, and had called Blackthorn his friend in those days. During that time, Lord Windemere had sought more power for the Great Council, while Blackthorn had felt the organization was overly powerful, retaining too much political will for just the mages who could occupy the position. After Blackthorn took power, Hassad had been forced to flee to New Magincia when Flain sought to gain control over Skara Brae. The Council member thought he could hide on New Magincia, believing the liege would never return to the island again after losing his friend Shaana under the roof of The Humble Palate. Unfortunately for Hassad, the Shadowlords held no such reservations, and discovered him and captured him as he hid within Kaiko's home.

Daem of Buccaneer's Den would rewards the hero with 5000 gp for confirming Hassad's imprisonment within the Palace of Blackthorn.[5]


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