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Cove's tavern, The Emerald
Cove is a settlement nestled between the mountains at the southern shores of Lock Lake, east of Britain. It has long been a place of mysticism and romance, and evolved over the centuries to have a reputation as being home to lovers and passion. Although the original settlement of Cove was destroyed by flooding in the Great Cataclysm that preceded Ultima IX, its inhabitants eventually came to find refuge in concert with the gypsies of Minoc.


Age of Enlightenment[edit]

Founded some time in the years following Britannia's christening, Cove was originally an obscure retreat hidden away in the mountains and difficult to reach. At the time of Ultima IV, the city was only accessible by ship, and even then it often required braving the fury of a whirlpool to come to Cove's shores. During such times, Cove was a haven for mystics and philosophers, who came to attend the great Temple of the Virtues that lay within its environs. Many in such pursuits came to contemplate the mysteries of the great axiom that united the Virtues. During the time of Blackthorn's reign in Ultima V, Cove stood as a place of contemplation and healing in contrast to the days of the Oppression, and the temple maidens of that age had valuable insights that may have aided the Avatar in locating the Shard of Falsehood.

In the years that followed Lord British's return and Blackthorn's eventual exile, drastic changes occurred for the town, with the mountains surrounding the city shifting to permit public access and the Temple of the Virtues being dismantled or otherwise lost. By the time of the gargoyle wars in Ultima VI, Cove had begun to earn its reputation as a city associated with Love, and the settlement had expanded such that it nearly incorporated the Shrine of Compassion within its boundaries. During the war, the people of Cove, under Viscount Ahrmaand, tended to many of those who had been wounded in the Gargish onslaught.

Age of Armageddon[edit]

Over the next two centuries, Cove continued to grow, with the prodigy Ariana's granddaughter Magda eventually coming to build the picturesque Lovers' Walk. The town's repute as a place of lovers endured over the ages, and by the time of the Avatar's adventures in Ultima VII, superstition had it that those who spent much time in Cove were destined to fall in love. It is quite possible that even the vaunted hero found romance here.

In this age of new industry and societal shifts, however, Lock Lake fell victim to pollution, owing to runoff from the Britannian Mining Company's operations in Minoc. Legislation drafted by Miranda of the Great Council, however, eventually halted this practice, penalizing those who disposed of offal or waste in the lake by immersing them in its foul waters. The lake itself was eventually cleansed in an effort spear-headed by the caretaker of the Shrine of Compassion, Magda's granddaughter Nastassia.

Tragically, in the Great Cataclysm that came to wrack Britannia, this original settlement of Cove was flooded by the waters of Lock Lake. The inhabitants of the inundated city migrated eastward to settle on Dagger Isle along with the dwindling gypsy populace of Minoc. The Cove of this dark era was a sad shadow of the once proud city of lovers, with its gaje populace uniting under "first citizen" Raxos, who bade the people engage in slaughtered human oblations in the hopes of restoring the fouled Shrine of Sacrifice.

By the time of Ultima IX, Cove was reduced to but a handful of people, whose hearts were twisted to avarice and self-worship with the coming of the Guardian's columns. After the Avatar restored the Shrine with the aide of the Minoxian Rom Baro, the people of Cove were restored in virtue, and Raxos, guilt-wracked over the deaths he had wrought, retired to a life as a simple hermit.


The magical village of Cove nestles among the mountains south of Lock Lake. Cove's healers and alchemists are among the best in Britannia. Here too is the magnificent temple of virtue, built to honour those on the quest of the Avatar.
Nestled in the mountains just south of Lost Lake, Cove is home to many magicians, healers and alchemists. One will also find there a shrine dedicated to the Avatar's pursuit of Virtue.
The town of Cove is the cleanest town in all of Britannia. Although the town itself is pristine, a traveller would be wise to avoid Lock Lake, which has become very polluted in recent years. One of the most romantic places in all of Britannia is Lover's Walk, which is not far from the Shrine. Across the mountains from Cove, one will find the Bloody Marsh, site of one of Britannia's most savage wars.
The town of Cove is a much happier case. Nastassia, woeful guardian of the Shrine of Compassion, has come out of her seclusion, and is now busy leading the clean-up of nearby Lock Lake, one of the worst hit areas.
On the highway of time, Cove has been overtaken by the winds of discontent. When the Great Cataclysm swept across the lands, Lock Lake flooded the town and nearly sunk it below the waves. The citizens of Cove gathered the remaining pieces and carried them to the east, where higher ground proved fertile soil for another rebirth.

Yet recent upheavals have inspired the people to abandon their gentle craft of healing. Few practitioners of the healing arts continue to make the potions for which Cove was once famous. The townspeople once tended the Shrine of Sacrifice, yet in the wake of its corruption, many have died in riots and clashes with the constabulary. Though the great city suffers from the tide of popular opinion and practice, the Great Leader believes he has a solution to the people's woe. In the tents of the gypsy people of nearby Minoc, the turn of the Tarot does not smile upon his plan.

- from Journal (Ultima IX)


Ultima IV[edit]

Overview of Cove in Ultima IV

Ultima V[edit]

Overview of Cove in Ultima V

Ultima V: Lazarus[edit]

Cove overview (Ultima V: Lazarus)

Ultima VI[edit]

Map of Cove in Ultima VI, from The Book of Prophecy

The Ultima VI Project[edit]

Cove overview (The Ultima 6 Project)

Ultima VII[edit]

Map of Cove in Ultima VII, from Key to the Black Gate

Ultima VII (SNES)[edit]


Ultima IV[edit]

Ultima V[edit]

Ultima VII[edit]

Places of Interest[edit]


  • In Runes of Virtue II, Cove had been overrun by a powerful liche. With the creature's destruction, the hero could enter the Cavern of Pride, which was located within the former picturesque village.
  • In early drafts of Ultima IX, a druidic Cove is one of the few settlements in Britannia unbesmirched by the war against the Guardian, owing to an illusory, mountainous barrier—purveyed by the resident mage Nicodemus—that conceals the town. Initially accessed by balloon, it provides sanctuary to the Avatar's companions Iolo, Gwenno, and Jaana, the latter of whom has come to preside as the High Druid leader of Cove and acquires supplies from Asylum (the former Buccaneer's Den).[1][2]
  • An unused version of the Cove region remains in the final release of Ultima IX, one of many test maps that can be accessed by altering code in the title's data files. Restoring this area to the main world map is one of the undertakings of the Forgotten World team.
  • In the Ultima 6 Project, the Temple of Virtue doesn't disappear and still is the prominent building of Cove.


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