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The Swamp Cave or Swamp Tunnels are a small network of dungeonous caves located to the south east of Cove. It appears in Ultima VI and in the Super Nintendo port of Ultima VII.


Located in a mire of swampland, these passageways were dank havens for vermin and noxious waters, putting adventurers surveying them in risk of disease or death. During the time of the Gargish wars, however, a canny explorer would be able to find the body of a deceased mage known as Tirnoth on its lowest levels, and could thereby lay claim to the fallen wizard's Storm Cloak.

Ultima VII (SNES) Port[edit]

While the Swamp Caves did not make an appearance in Ultima VII for the PC, in the SNES version of the game, they played an important role in the course of the Avatar's journeys, as the mentally ill Rudyom had left his blackrock transmuter within their depths. In order to retrieve this crucial item, the hero would have to brave their depths and face a dragon who appeared to have laid claim to the object.[1]


This used to be Geoffrey's favorite place to go adventuring, back before he was made Captain of the Guard. Most people don't know about the place, which, according to Geoffrey, keeps the place "unspoiled." I'd say "infested with monsters," but everyone's got a right to their own opinion, I have heard that there are some lovely rock formations down there. Perhaps if you come out of the place alive you can tell me about them someday.

- Mandrake


For a solution to the dungeon in Ultima VI, see: Swamp Cave Solution
For a solution to the dungeon in The Ultima 6 Project, see: The Ultima 6 Project Swamp Cave Solution


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