Shrine of Valor

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The Shrine of Valor

Located on the southernmost of the Valorian Isles, directly south of Jhelom, lies the Shrine of Valor, dedicated to the virtue of the same name. The shrine can only be reached by ship. Despite being hard to reach, the island is a peaceful place for the shrine, surrounded by palm trees.

Meditating at the shrine, the traveler has to chant the mantra "RA", to find the ways of Valor.


Erected before the Quest of the Avatar, the shrine was hard to reach in Ultima IV. Meditating at the shrine gave insight into Valor, and elevated the Stranger to partial Avatarhood.

By the time of Ultima V the Avatar had to prevent the lackeys of Lord Blackthorn from destroying the shrine. The shrine sent the Avatar on a quest to the Codex of Ultimate Wisdom, to understand the true meaning of Valor. Later, the shrine accepted donations for Karma.

By Ultima VI the Gargoyles had captured the shrine. The Avatar freed the shrine, who in return explained again the meaning of Valor to the Avatar, and was responsible to raise the stats of the party.

In the time of Ultima VII, nothing was going on with the shrine.

The Shrine was corrupted in Ultima IX and occupied by the Demon Triumvirate. The Shrine apparently survived the volcano eruption that destroyed Jhelom and is now located to the West of Valoria.

Alternate Appearance[edit]

A Shrine of Valor

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