Daemon's Crag

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Daemon's Crag, Enclave of Sorcerers

Daemon's Crag is a fiery chasm appearing in Ultima VIII.


Daemon's Crag

Daemon's Crag is a fiery abyss formed from the lava flow from Morgaelin's Mouth of the Daemon. It houses the Sorcerer's Enclave, the secluded home of Pyros' devotees, and its inhospitable terrain makes it difficult for any not versed in the arts of fire to travel far unescorted.

Within those areas inhabited by the Cabal, there exists a crude village for the use of acolytes, consisting of numerous living quarters and a library, in addition to the Master's Obsidian Fortress and the Great Pentagram in which Pyros lies bound.


Daemon's Crag was formed when the first Cabal petitioned Pyros for a sanctuary from the outside world, and it was formed by the combined efforts of the Titan of flame and his ally, Lithos.[1] In the centuries since its construction it was long kept impassable due to the lava flowing from Mount Morgaelin's crater. However, when the Avatar accidentally caused the emergence of a new river due to their ill-fated pact with Hydros, the route to the Enclave was cooled by its waters, allowing laymen to enter the previously impregnable Enclave.


Among the most dark-some places in Pagan is the treacherous territory known as Sorcerer's Enclave. There the Mages of Fire perform unknown and possibly horrific magics, as they consort with their patron Titan, Pyros. Fortunately, the area is quite secluded, as a boiling lake of fire surrounds the collection of buildings, making it impossible for those who are not members of the sorcerous cabal to traverse.


Things to See[edit]

Map of Daemon's Crag


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