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In the Upper Catacombs
The Catacombs of Pagan are a vast network of crypts and caverns which lie beneath Morgaelin and interconnect much of the island.

Upper Catacombs[edit]

The uppermost of these tunnels may be entered using necromantic rites in the Tenebraen Cemetery, and these labyrinthine sections of the complex house many of Pagan's recently interred dead, as well as enshrining the mystic Birthplace of Moriens.

Those traveling here should be wary where they wander, as the floors are often unstable and open onto pits of flame. The Upper Catacombs contain exits to the tests of the Necromancers, the caves of Stone Cove and the lower crypts.

Lower Catacombs[edit]

The lower catacombs are largely built into the recesses of the natural cave systems of the underworld, and are cluttered with waterways, ruins and fungal groves. Snares and ravening beasts abound here, and may easily slay an explorer so far removed from the safety of the lands above. It is only by traveling here, however, that one may hope to reach the Pit of Death.

Pit of Death[edit]

The "Pit of Death" is seemingly the oldest portion of the catacomb system, and it is often mentioned as a final resting place for those interred in the name of Lithos. Flooded with lava and riddled with deadly traps, the Pit is a perilous place for anything still alive. By braving the dangers of this place, however, a traveler might reach the Chapel of the Dead, in which the Heart of Earth lies enshrined.

The Pit of Death, in addition to being connected to the Lower Catacombs, also opens on Stone Cove.


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Plan of the Catacombs

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