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The sheep herds of New Magincia

New Magincia is an island settlement located east of Buccaneer's Den and west of Verity Isle. It is dedicated to the virtue of Humility, having been built on the ruins of the destroyed bastion of pride, Magincia. Unassuming as a city, New Magincia is home to simple shepherds and farmers, tending to their land and flocks.

Throughout the ages, New Magincia has remained quiet and possesses little spectacle to attract the excitement-seeking adventurer. The pastoral simplicity of the towne, however, has attracted many who wish to escape the worldly rigors of life elsewhere, and many former nobles and knights have been found on the isle, leading peaceable and contemplative existences free of pomp.

The economy of the city is largely derived from its agrarian industry, although shipwrights occasionally crop up to meet the demand for travel to more exciting climes, although a Moongate on the south edge of the island has long made transportation to faster paced cities an easy undertaking.


New Magincia stands on the land which once housed the grand city of Magincia, home to arrogant merchants who dedicated themselves to the ignobility of pride. This overzealous pomp earned the wrath of dark forces, and this eventually culminated in the arrival of a daemonic horde, which razed the city and slaughtered its inhabitants.[1] When the hero who would become the Avatar arrived at the ruin in Ultima IV the husk of Magincia contained little save for the restless spirits of its condemned. The sole survivor of the calamity, a humble shepherd named Katrina eventually came to join the Stranger in the quest for Avatarhood, and would eventually become one of the hero's enduring companions.[2]

Age of Enlightenment[edit]

In the year 136, settlers came to rebuild upon the ruins of the old city of pride, laying the ghosts of old to rest and founding a city dedicated to humility upon the waste.[1] The early inhabitants of the new settlement were farmers, working as a collective in communal fields.[3] In the days of Ultima V, the simple hamlet, like so many other cities, fell victim to the hauntings of the Shadowlords.

By the gargoyle wars of Ultima VI, New Magincia had changed but little. There was no evidence of its previous collective structure, and was governed by a mayor, although its inhabitants lives remained much the same, tending to matters of fields, fish and flocks. During the Avatar's visit, the mayor, Antonio, engaged the hero in a game of sorts, asking the champion to determine who among the city's inhabitants was most humble.[4]

Age of Armageddon[edit]

Over the next two centuries, the people of isle remained much the same, even in the face of the vast and varied social changes that beset the rest of Britannia. New Magincia seemed a place forgotten by time. The mayor, Magenta, even explained that the Britannian Tax Council had often forgotten to visit the city, leaving the area with unexpected tax relief.[5] It was during this time that Alagner, a scholar critical of the newly formed philosophical society known as the Fellowship, immigrated to the island, hoping to escape their influence and gather proof of their nefarious plans.[6]

In Ultima VII, the Avatar had need to consult Alagner to obtain his notes for the Xorinite Wisps. This ill-fated exchange of information, however, brought about the sage's brutal assassination at the hands of the organization he'd critiqued, disturbing the quiet of the parochial town with an unexpected act of violence. As peace returned to the village and throughout much of the following two centuries, the town design changed to focus on crystalline homes and towers. Little else changed in that time and the world moved on and left the island isolated.

When the Guardian plagued Britannia with his columns, their effect stripped the inhabitants of New Magincia of their much vaunted humility, and droves of citizens left the isle.[7] Ironically, the end of New Maginica proved much the same as the end of the Old Maginica, with the settlement left an abandoned ruin—and none save Katrina living on the isle by the age of Ultima IX.


A towne built on the ruins of old Magincia by a colony of humble people who understand well the dangers of false, self-serving pride and the beauty of humility. New Magincia has a healer and a restaurant tucked among its numerous modest farms and orchards.
Having been destroyed in ancient times for its haughty pride, New Magincia was rebuilt by a more humble people who favored the simple ways of farming and rural life. With the passage of time, an industrious village has grown atop the ruins of the old town. Those who would revel in their own pride should take special note of the lesson of New Magincia.
New Magincia is known as the City of Humility, and hence it chooses to remain isolated from much of the rest of Britannia. If thou venture there, thou will find that the people are basically shy, but also warm and hospitable once they have gotten used to thee. The city is located on an eastern island well past most of the main trade routes. Time progresses more slowly in New Magincia than anywhere else in Britannia. The economy of New Magincia is based on shipbuilding, horticulture and raising sheep.
Some cities, such as New Magincia, were relatively untouched by the devastation. Others fared far worse.
The city of Magincia, once the greatest city of Britannia, fell to the sin of pride, and from its remains were drawn the lessons with which to build New Magincia. Founded by the shepherds of the old town who sought to remove themselves far from the influence of a shameful history, New Magincia offered a quiet place to live for those who sought continuity and simplicity in life. Humility became New Magincians defining trait, as they sought to return to the values of their forebears. Little changed in the crystalline homes of New Magincia, and the people preferred it that way. Yet it appears that the modern world has found the current of their isolated isle. The humble shepherds have abandoned their flocks in pursuit of grander dreams in other places. Animals run free along the dirt paths, as the island has been abandoned, save one. Only the most humble will live in New Magincia.


Ultima IV[edit]

New Magincia did not exist at the time of Ultima IV. For a list of the inhabitants of the ruins of Magincia during Ultima IV, see inhabitants of Magincia.

Ultima V[edit]

New Magincia level 1
New Magincia level 2

Ultima V: Lazarus[edit]

New Magincia - Ultima V: Lazarus Map

Ultima VI[edit]

Map of New Magincia in Ultima VI

The Ultima VI Project[edit]

New Magincia - Ultima 6 Project Map

Ultima VII[edit]

Map of New Magincia in Ultima VII
  • Alagner: a scholar; purported to be the wisest man in Britannia
  • Battles: a bodyguard working for Robin; shipwrecked on the island
  • Boris: owner and operator of the Modest Damsel tavern
  • Constance: the keeper of the Well of Humility
  • Henry: a peddler
  • Katrina: a shepherdess; also a Companion of the Avatar
  • Leavell: a bodyguard working for Robin; shipwrecked on the island
  • Magenta: the mayor of New Magincia
  • Robin: a professional gambler; shipwrecked on the island
  • Russell: a shipwright
  • Sam: a flower seller

Ultima VII (SNES Port)[edit]

Ultima IX[edit]

Map of New Magincia in Ultima IX
Map of New Magincia in Ultima IX with Runic Legend


Ultima V[edit]

Ultima VI[edit]

Ultima VII[edit]

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