Sunrise Isle

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Sunrise Isle

Sunrise Isle, also known as the Isle of Balance,[1] is an inhospitable, mountainous island off the north coast of mainland Serpent Isle that houses the Shrine of Balance below its surface. It appears in Ultima VII Part Two.


The island itself is entirely covered in the glacial ice-sheet, making travel on its surface difficult. However, beneath are a vast array of tunnels and catacombs which combine to make up the Shrine of Balance. Like most Ophidian cities, the subterranean sprawl covers a great distance, running to the roots of the island and beyond, under the seabed.

Within the halls are the six tests of Order and Chaos - one each of Discipline, Ethicality, Logic, Emotion, Enthusiasm and Tolerance. Once these tests are passed, those seeking to travel the path of the Great Balance Hierophant can proceed to the inner temple, but only if they possess the hallowed Serpent Artifacts can they pass and gain audience with the Great Earth Serpent.

Sunrise Isle is also the location of the Balance Wall of Lights, allowing access to the Ethereal Void so that one can commune with the great serpents. This is activated by the use of the three Blackrock Serpents.

Once the Avatar activated the Wall of Lights and stepped through, the Great Earth Serpent spoke, but was not strong enough to shield the Avatar from the Guardian's wrath, the Avatar now being exposed to the extra-dimensional being's might.


  • In Ultima I, one of the signposts, the Eastern Sign Post, is located on Sunrise Isle.
  • Both the in-game and cloth map of Serpent Isle locate Sunrise Island on a position which roughly corresponds to the ice dragon's island, which creates some confusion when the player is supposed to get there.


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