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The Shrine of Honesty

The Shrine of Honesty is one of the eight holy sites established by the Council of Wizards during the days of Lord British's philosophical renaissance of the early Age of Enlightenment. Located on Dagger Isle and accessible only by ship, this lonely site lies near to the mouth of the foreboding Dungeon Deceit and is a slight journey north of Verity Isle, which houses Moonglow and the Lycaeum. During Ultima VII a bell lies on its altar.

Those who seek wisdom at this holy site may gain a deeper understanding of the virtue of Honesty, which has its root in the Principle of Truth. Gaining entry to the shrine required the use of a rune at various points in its history, and the mantra "AHM" was required to fully glean the insights offered at its altar.


Age of Enlightenment[edit]

The Shrine of Honesty was erected around the time of Britannia's christening, and it would figure into the spiritual quest of the Stranger in their pursuit of Avatarhood. The hero would sojourn here after proving themselves truthful and forthright in their actions, and would attain ascendance in ways of Honesty after meditating on the virtue for three cycles.

Later, in the dark days of Lord Blackthorn and the Oppression, the Avatar would travel again to this sacred place, and would be directed by the powers within it to quest after the knowledge of Honesty contained in the enshrined Codex of Ultimate Wisdom. In the struggle to restore Lord British to his throne, the hero would also have to guard this shrine and others and from Blackthorn's attempts to desecrate them, which he would quickly do should he gain access to their mantras. Should the Shrine of Honesty be thus defiled, the Avatar could still restore it, using the word of power, "FALLAX."

After the beginning of the Gargish conflict, this shrine and the other seven would all be seized by gargoyle warriors seeking to thwart the prophecy of the False Prophet. In time, however, the Avatar would liberate it from Draxinusom's troops, and could again meditate there on the mysteries of Honesty. The shrine would once again draw the hero into a holy quest in which they would have to consult the Codex about its signature virtue, and with proper experience, the Avatar could draw on the shrine to gain deeper intellect and greater magical power.

Age of Armageddon[edit]

Over the next two centuries, the Shrine of Honesty would fall into disuse, as the seductive philosophies of the Fellowship eventually came to supplant widespread adherence to the Eight Virtues. By the time of the Avatar's eventual return near the time of the Astronomical Alignment, the hero would find the shrine still standing on its remote isle, although none appeared to have made the pilgrimage to it for many years.

Later, during the hero's exile on Pagan, the Guardian and his forces would corrupt the shrine, which is now located South of Moonglow on Verity Isle. In doing so, the corresponding rune was twisted into an artifact known as a glyph. During their last journeys in Britannia, the Avatar would be able to cleanse the Shrine of Honesty of such evils, using the powers of the Writ of Honesty to undo the damage wrought by the Destroyer of Worlds.

Other Appearances[edit]

A Shrine of Honesty


  • The Keyring Mod for the Ultima VII utility, Exult, gives the Avatar the option to meditate at the Shrine of Honesty using its corresponding rune. It will issue a quest for the hero to seek knowledge of Honesty from the Codex of Ultimate Wisdom, as it had in previous games.

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