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The largest uninhabited island in Britannia, Dagger Isle lies north of Verity Isle and to the east of the Britannian mainland. It is famously home to the Shrine of Honesty, which lies on its eastern banks, while nearby, to the east, the diminutive Janus Island lies, where bold adventurers once could find the entrance to the dungeon Deceit.


Age of Enlightenment[edit]

Dagger Isle was for a long time a lonely place, seeing little traffic outside of pilgrims seeking to visit its shrine. By the age of the gargoyle war, however, the island had gained a lone inhabitant - Bonn, a pirate who had shipwrecked upon its shores shortly after taking part in the murder of his captain, Hawkins. The Avatar would have to consult this poor madman in the course of their quests, needing a portion of the dead captain's treasure map which Bonn had secreted away.

Age of Armageddon[edit]

By the time of the affair of the Black Gate, the entrance to the Dungeon Deceit had somehow migrated from the neighboring Janus isle to Dagger Isle, and a series of crypts had appears on the island - built by unknown architects. Mysteriously, however, in the decades after the Great Cataclysm the entrance to Deceit returned to its original site.


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