Carthax Lake

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Carthax Lake, Prison of Hydros


The Carthax Lake Temple of Hydros
Carthax Lake is an underground body of water which lies beneath the Catacombs of Tenebrae, deep within the heart of Morgaelin. It houses the ancient temple of Hydros, the Titan of Water.


Carthax Lake had once been connected to the greater sea. In Pagan's early history, the Necromancer, Kalen, sealed off the lake from outside waters using the magic-dampening powers of blackrock, hoping to trap the Lurker within her shrine. He was nearly successful in binding Hydros, but relented in his campaign against her once she returned to him the stolen body of his dead beloved and imbued him with the powers of Tempestry.

During the Avatar's exile on Pagan, the hero met with the ensnared Titan, who promised them power in exchange for freeing her. The Avatar did so by desecrating the grave of Kalen's lover, and the treacherous Hydros re-flooded Carthax as she asserted her control over the elements, breaking her trust with the hero and vowing vengeance on all within the Tempest's bloodline.

This elemental cataclysm gave birth to a new river, which mingled with the fires of the Mouth of the Daemon and cooled the lava-scorched earth such that travellers might enter Daemon's Crag.


Map Files[edit]

The following image was originally hosted on Pagan the Beautiful by Julio Siqueira:


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