The Chronicle of Pagan

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The Chronicle of Pagan
The Chronicle of Pagan is the manual included with Ultima VIII. It is 32 pages long and written from the perspective of Bentic the scholar, as he himself admits in-game. In reality, Andrew P. Morris is the author. In-game Bentic had help from various sources. Vardion insisted on adding a short section about the history of Britannia, Vividos and Stellos sent material about their ways of magic and Mythran helped with the rest of the magical section while adding the story of the Black Gate.

Of note is the fact that while Bentic endeavored to be objective in his writings, contained within are many subjects of which he inadvertently transcribed a false account or simply could not have known about. As such, the whole book was written somewhat naively under the influence of the Guardian's deception, to be interpreted by the reader accordingly and put into contrast with information later found in the game.

The European editions of the book were translated to French and German and content-wise were the same, apart from a different color of the cover and the language stated there. The book was of a somewhat smaller format with more glossy paper as well. The Japanese edition again had a different color of the cover, otherwise stayed the same.

Book Content[edit]

The following topics comprise the book:

Alternate Covers[edit]


  • At the beginning of the book, a table of the Runic Alphabet is shown, described as "Archaic Alphabet". The implications of this remain unclear.

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