Serpent's Fang

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Entrance to Serpent's Fang
Serpent's Fang (or Deathwatch as it has become 'affectionately' known by some of its inhabitants) is an outpost of the Order forces located in the distant past of Serpent Isle.


The Avatar travelled here using the Amulet of Balance during his quest to restore the Great Earth Serpent to the Void.

While it is not entirely clear exactly where Serpent's Fang was situated on the Serpent Isle, from discussions with Isstanar, commander of the outpost, it is definitely located south of the Isle of Crypts, and as the main cities of Order and Chaos are located beneath mountain ranges on the mainland, Serpent's Fang could be anywhere between Monitor and the icy wastes in the north.

The bastion itself is surrounded by a deep chasm, across which is a drawbridge allowing access to the Keep. There is also a Serpent Gate located in the center of the building (this is where the Avatar arrives from the future). The Keep itself is also linked to Aram-Dol's Lair via a doorway and tunnel system in the deepest basements.

While it cannot be precisely located in modern-day Serpent Isle, from talking to characters in the past, the following facts can be ascertained:

  • The Keep is south-east of the Isle of Crypts.
  • The Keep is located somewhere deep within Chaos territory (possibly in the Skullcrusher Mountains, or even further south, in the Northern Forest.
  • Both the Temples of Tolerance and Discipline are mentioned by Yurel and Isstanar respectively, and these appear to be north of the Keep's location.

Using this information, it is possible to place Serpent's Fang somewhere between the area of Gorlab Swamp and Skullcrusher, although exactly where is a point up for debate.

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Serpent's Fang plays an integral role in the Silver Seed storyline, being the primary staging area for all questing in the past of Serpent Isle.


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