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Dungeon Type: Dungeon (prison)
Associated Virtue: Justice
Word of Power: MALUM

Wrong is a dungeon located on the western shores of Lost Hope Bay, which has long been famed for its function as a massive prison complex. Embodying the antithesis of the virtue of Justice, Wrong stood amongst the eight major dungeons of the realm, and throughout its history many artifacts relating to the concept of Justice could be found by those exploring it.


Ultima IV[edit]

Main article: Wrong (Ultima IV)

Founded sometime around the beginning of the Age of Enlightenment, Wrong was initially established as a series of three prisons complexes before falling to the monstrous creatures which would long make it their domicile. During the Stranger's quest toward Avatarhood, the hero would travel through its passages, finding therein the Green Stone of Justice, in addition to numerous magical orbs which gifted those who touched them with supernaturally enhanced intelligence and dexterity. At its lowest levels, Wrong connected to the Altar Rooms of Truth and Love, which interlinked it with the dungeons Deceit, Despise, Shame, Covetous and Hythloth.

Ultima V[edit]

Main article: Wrong (Ultima V)

Following the retrieval of the Codex from the Abyss, the Great Council placed a seal over Wrong, hoping to bar the creatures within it from reaching the surface. This, however, in conjunction with the sealing of the other seven dungeons, had the unforeseen outcome of creating a vast and expansive Underworld beneath the soil, creating an ideal environment for evil to thrive within

After Blackthorn's rise to power, however, the members of the council were criminalized, and suffered persecution at the hands of the Oppression. With those who knew how to unseal the dungeons forced into hiding, the returned Avatar had to search for some time to discover Felespar, who knew the Word of Power which would reopen Wrong: "MALUM." Once armed with knowledge of this evocation, the hero could use Wrong as a means to access the Underworld where the dungeon opened onto terrain near to the Shard of Falsehood which had spawned the Shadowlord Faulinei.

Ultima VI[edit]

Main article: Wrong (Ultima VI)

By the time of the gargoyle war, Wrong had interconnected with the passages of the dungeon Covetous, and served as a bizarre subterranean menagerie, in which numerous beasts were held captive in a series of locked cells. The Avatar would have cause to journey here in the course of their quest to locate the Silver Tablet, as a piece of the treasure map of the late Captain Hawkins laid within the dungeon's depths, having been lost there by former pirate, Heftimus McPry.

Ultima VII[edit]

The prison of Wrong in Ultima VII
Main article: Wrong (Ultima VII)

By the early Age of Armageddon, the series of cells which honeycombed throughout Wrong had been inhabited by a number of trolls and other beasts, with a liche eventually taking up residence there. During this age, the Avatar had no pressing business which would lead them to Wrong, but they could nevertheless plumb its depths in search of battle or treasure.

Ultima IX[edit]

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As the Guardian's corrupt influence wormed its way across Britannia through the great columns, the Yewian Court of Justice came to adopt Wrong as its prison, send the victims of its perverse "Justice" to rot within its walls. During the course of the Avatar's last adventure in the realm, the hero's beloved, Raven, was imprisoned within Wrong on false charges. The Avatar, with the aid of Vasagralem, would battled through the dungeon to free the captive woman, facing their former companion Jaana in the process.


Runes of Virtue II[edit]

Ultima IX[edit]


The fortified entrance to the prison of Wrong, as depicted in early Ultima IX concept art
The dungeon of Wrong can be found on the northwestern shore of Lost Hope Bay, far to the north of the castle of our liege lord. While this dungeon may seem mild to the casual observer, 'tis in truth a veritable quagmire of vile and treacherous traps. Use extreme caution on the 5th Level, and beware of the one-way secret doors and the force fields that lie beyond them of the 6th Level. The green stone can be found on the altar of the 8th Level, and thou may also find the Altar Rooms of Love and Truth in these depths.
Once the most feared of prisons, the dungeon Wrong is an underground fortress whose cells are haunted by unliving remnants of those who died there. Orcs now cache their victims' treasures in the same chambers where soldiers of ancient kings stood watch over the torture of prisoners, and underground rivers turn the prisoner's oubliettes into breeding grounds for things better left unnamed. In the very heart of northern Britannia is the entrance to this place of hate and ruin.
Built centuries ago as a collection of three prisons, Wrong is still filled with a variety of inhuman guardians and their horded treasures. The southernmost dungeon was never completed, and is therefore the smallest and least dangerous. My original reason for exploring these labyrinthine tunnels was a rumor I had heard involving a cannibalistic jailer who cared more for the flesh of his prisoners than the baubles they carried. A word of advice to any who enter the northern cavern: a terrible liche has made his home there, and woe to any who trespass.
Citizens of Yew who fail to meet its exacting standards of justice are cast into the prison of Wrong. Vigilantly guarded, the prison is reputed to be the most trying in all of Britannia. Even the prisoners cannot marshal a primitive code of their own, and chaos reigns. As of late, the Yewian brand of justice has been applied on an ever-broadening scale, as the courts seem to believe that the accused are guilty until proven otherwise. Rarely is this proof accomplished, and it is customary for such proof to be accompanied by generous payments to the judge or his political underlings. Few Yewians care for the rights of prisoners, for the guilty are punished most severely. Visitors to the dungeon should arm themselves against spirited on their person and their values. The guardians of Wrong are most able. Those who enter herein are wise to avoid them.
- from Journal (Ultima IX)



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