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Faulinei, from Martian Dreams
Species: Shadowlord
Martian Dreams
Location: Dream-World
MD Transcript: Faulinei
Ultima V
Location: Stonegate
U5 Transcript: Faulinei

Faulinei is the Shadowlord of Falsehood, and is one of three such beings that represent the opposing aspects of the Principles of Truth, Love, and Courage. Appearing first in Ultima V with its siblings Astaroth and Nosfentor, this entity later recurs in Martian Dreams, manifesting within the Avatar's psyche while in a dream machine.


Faulinei was born from one of the broken shards of Mondain's Gem of Immortality, when it made contact with the blood of those who Captain Johne had slain in a fit of madness. After being birthed through this admixture of slaughter and magic, this eidolon of Falsehood joined with its fellows in the capture of Lord British, and the following corruption of his regent, Blackthorn. Thus controlling the ruling forces of Britannia, Faulinei was free to ravage the eight Cities of Virtue, spreading its aura of deceit and duplicity among the people of the realm.

Eventually, this being was banished from the material world, lured into the halls of Lycaeum by the invocation of its name, where the Avatar cast the Shard of Falsehood which manifested it into the Flame of Truth.

Years later, within the distant cities of Mars, the Shadowlord reappeared in the midst of the hero's machine-induced dreams. In this arena of the mind, the specter was imbued with powers of speech not seen before, and taunted the champion who had once bested him as it spoke of the omnipresent falsehood that lies in all men's souls - even that of the Avatar. Proclaiming his principle to be the supreme force that shapes life, the shadowy creature gloated that it would tutor the hero in the ways of Falsehood, showing them an illusion in the shape of their companion, Johann Spector, and asking the hero to determine its true nature. Once the Avatar identified the simulacrum by means of a mirror, Faulinei retreated, and has not recurred within the waking world or the hero's subconscious since.[1]


Faulinei as portrayed by Raquel Balencia
  • Faulinei identifies as male in his appearance in Martian Dreams, although his gender is not demarcated in Ultima V.
  • In Italian photographer's Enrico Ricciardi's 2010 Ultima-inspired calendar Mystik, Faulinei appears as the subject for March, portrayed by the scantily clad Spanish model Raquel Balencia in the moment in which the Shadowlord is defeated in the Flames of Truth.[2]


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